Founder Sam Hudson called a ‘freemason’ for offering interview

Founder Sam Hudson called a ‘freemason’ for offering interview

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#OPINION: It all started when Founder Sam Hudson was called a ‘freemason’ over real news that offers positions in allowing public citizens to speak their voice on the thisquality platform.

On February 1 during the evening Mr Hudson offered a rather civil interview to a member of the public who waved a sign behind a Newshub reporter reading ‘Media Lies’ — our company wanted to ask this person on how they achieved something that thousands would have seen.

In the midst of the offering, a response was called out that thisquality or the company Founder has links with TVNZ (Television New Zealand) which it [he] does not. There has been no contract or agreement signed to work with other media outlets in the nine months of operation.


The only partnership thisquality had gained was with ATTICA who is a small political group aiming to change the political game, in-bringing an aspect to the government that would eliminate neoliberalism motives. A brilliant partnership and a great group of people that believe in their movement to make a change.

The respondee went on to say that they do not talk to Journalists and that the Founder is a ‘dirty filthy freemason’ — further claiming there is nothing ‘independent’ about thisquality — ?? — if we were not independent, we would not be reporting what we want on our own platform.

A known movement by conspiracy theorists is that if the media call them that, they respond with ‘are you a freemason?’ — is it an inside joke?

“Mr Hudson, who claims to be independent, is directly connected to TVNZ. My team of researchers were able to confirm this guy is also a freemason,” wrote the individual on a social media post.

Unfortunately for this individual, they did not find anything when it was mentioned that Journalist David Farrier is working alongside thisquality; this is a false claim.  “Don’t be fooled by these clowns who only give you half the story. They have no interest in telling our side. They have no interest in telling the truth,” the individual continued — the offer was respectively given. This is the most common cause as to why the mainstream media do not give these types of people air-time.

A false claim was said in comments that the company is paid off by the Government, which is entirely untrue as it depends on donations from people to support it and keep it operating.

Comments responding to the social media post read that they are confused as to where this individual had gotten their research from “Can you share info please I’ve tried to look for their direct connection to TVNZ but can’t find anything. Also, could you share the info your team of researchers found on him being Freemason as I can’t find that either. Only asking as I can’t find anything.”

“I don’t use Google but even with duck duck go I still can’t find anything can you please post link? THE TRUTH will stand the test of time, if you post the link to the info and its NOT true then you have a defamation case on your hands.”

In-talking about a defamation case; the Founder is looking to take action in the courts but he is reportedly thinking about it in the moment.

“In the coming weeks, I will be thinking about taking on a defamation case against a public citizen for misinforming people that I am a ‘freemason’ and that I work with TVNZ (which I have no association with),” said Founder Sam Hudson.

“I really don’t want to do it because it is mean but for the integrity of the misinformed actions this person took on social media; it means I will have to take potential action.”

“thisquality (our company) is an independently owned news organisation with no contracts that may affect our reporting. In this instance, according to our lawyers, we can go ahead with a case if I happen to agree.”



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Ripe for the picking. Jeff Palmer Mike More Don Brash Shane Reti and many many others, old and new politicians are members of the lodge, supported by lodges. Thats politics.