CEO Sam Hudson slams Department of Conservation over propaganda

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CEO Sam Hudson has had enough of the propaganda that Department of Conservation (DOC) follows — and is warning to not do a drop behind ‘peoples backs’ after iwi did not consent to a Tararua Ranges aerial 1080 drop, that was scheduled for late winter of this year.

thisquality will be analysing and working with network-connected residents in the areas surrounding the Tararua Ranges to make sure DOC and OSPRI do not do a drop without consent from iwi.

“I just want to leave a comment on that, to DOC and OSPRI, if they do watch this. We will be watching everything you will be doing,” said CEO Sam Hudson.

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It has been too many years of aerial 1080 poison drops around New Zealand’s conservation estate, and CEO Sam Hudson has just had enough of it, as a 20-year-old, seeing it all happen.

Aerial drops of 1080 poison originally started in 1957, and to this day, DOC and OSPRI have done thousands of operations around New Zealand to fight their ‘predator-free 2050’ campaign, in better words; propaganda.

DOC claims possums are killing the bird populations — which is not true at all.

Mike Meeds did a study on the effects of 1080 poison on the soil, and he found that the soil biota and the insects in the area where 1080 was dropped, over fifty per cent of that soil biota and insects died.

thisquality teamed up with ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay and ex Mana Candidate Mike ILES, to discover the hidden truth of predator-free 2050’s campaign that’s full of propaganda. The acts of recording the proof were right in the pudding after doing a multitude of ORIGINALS series episodes exclusive to thisquality that focused on exposing the real effects that 1080 has on biodiverse life in the ground.

Insects, bugs, and life as we’d know it in the ground do not exist in 1080 drop zones. Predator-free-2050 claims that possums are responsible for birdlife populations ‘declining’ — the real truth is that there’s no food for the birds to thrive off of and it is not because of possums killing bird populations.

1080 pellets have been dropped over the conservation estate for far too many years which results in killing off the life in the ground, such as insects, bugs and worms, as it acts just like a pesticide even though it degrades, only in certain temperatures.

“When you do these drops, the stuff that you do drop which is called [blueberries (a term used by thisquality known for 1080 pellets)] is a pesticide and what happens is the bugs in the ground do not survive from that pesticide like any sprays that you put on your garden, it’s kind of the same thing,” said CEO Sam Hudson.

“When you do that for so many years, birds are not going to be able to thrive and eat off of that ground as in worms, insects, bugs — which means the stuff that you do say is propaganda when you say possums kill all the birds. It is untrue and is propaganda.”

ORIGINALS episodes named: Michael Kay Uncovers Biodiverse Life at his Farm, Uncovering Biodiversity at a 1080 Drop Zone and Natural Farming vs Chemical Agriculture proved that the theory of no biodiverse life in the ground was present at 1080 drop zones, comparing it to different sources, where the outcome revealed that there was a more dense population of life in the ground.

“If you are going to go ahead and do these drops, don’t go behind peoples’ backs. Because if you go behind peoples’ backs, the same stuff is going to happen. History is going to repeat itself. Come up with better ideas, allow people to work in the industry, allow people to go up there and trap your so-called possums if there is such a big population,” said CEO Sam Hudson.

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Sam Hudson says that thisquality has threatened DOC in a peaceful way, saying that if they go behind the peoples’ backs doing a drop after iwi decided not to consent to the aerial 1080 poison drop over the Tararua Ranges — “it’s an invitation. You can accept that threat, or you can deny that threat and actually go on your way and create a better future for the younger generation and the people that live in these communities.”

“You can just stop with the nonsense,” concluded CEO Sam Hudson.

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