Chair of National Māori Authority calls for ACC overhaul

Chair of National Māori Authority calls for ACC overhaul

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Chair of the National Māori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called for a ‘complete overhaul’ of ACC following reports that the agency has been showing bias directed at Māori, women and Pacific peoples.

For a long time, the Crown entity has shown that bias after an increase of reports were referred to the Authority.

Reports indicated that discrimination was mostly the cause with the belief that claims are not being made.


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“One example for Māori, in particular, is where they are sometimes treated as somehow trying to rort the system – in other words, there appears to be this conscious of ‘that Māori bloke’ is just like all the other,” Mr Tukaki said.

“Our people attempting to navigate a system they just do not understand and is clearly not helping them – particularly during the claims and assessment process.”

“To be frank, if we lose our people at the beginning of the process, they are not going to see any light at the end of the tunnel – more to the point people are then going to fall between the cracks, and that’s pretty much it.”

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Mr Tukaki adds that ACC has been ‘too late at the jump’ upon engagement with Māori and Māori communities.

Little to no approach of partnership with organisations such as Hauora is a common thing. The problem is growing, and to fix that, an overhaul would reduce grief and trauma in Aotearoa.

He will be writing to the Minister to review the organisations’ workforce and organisational culture, including engagement practices with Māori and Pasifika people.

“Engagement into claims made by women will also be assessed and has also indicated that a fit for purpose review might need to be on the books,” Mr Tukaki said.

“There does need to be a complete overhaul of the agency, and to be frank, if some of the senior leadership are jot up to the job, then they know where the door is.”

“Perpetuating grief and trauma in this country no matter who the individual is or their circumstances is in no way acceptable – and it is about time ACC learnt that.”

Image: SUPPLIED/Matthew Tukaki [Facebook] / ACC [Google Maps] 


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