Chris Hipkins welcomes joint MP Office on Kāpiti Coast

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COVID-19 Response Minister and Parliament MP Chris Hipkins welcomed the opening of Kāpiti Coast’s new electorate Office for ŌtakiMP Terisa Ngobi and Mana MP Barbara Edmonds.

At first, a confession had to be made within a speech to the public ceremony opening event.

“Good morning, everybody. It is absolutely fantastic to be here. I have to have a little confession at this point. I drove past yesterday just to check out the place before I came along today and those signs; you can see them from halfway across Kāpiti,” Minister Hipkins admitted.


“Can I begin by commenting, all of my parliamentary colleagues who are here. Once upon a time, if we had this many Labour MPs all in one place simultaneously, it would be called a caucus meeting. There’s a lot more of us now.”

“This is actually only a small but perfectly formed selection of the Labour party team who have come to celebrate the opening of Office here with us today.”

From the 2020 General Elections, it was shown that Labour had accomplished a landslide win with red across the country.

For the last twenty years, there has not been an Office on the Kāpiti Coast for the party’s MPs in the electorates Mana and Ōtaki.

“We haven’t held both of these seats at the same time, which meant that hasn’t been possible. This is really important for us, and it is a big day for us. It means that Labour is back here on the Kāpiti Coast, and that is a really good feeling for us, I think,” said Mr Hipkins.

“Here in the sort of half-way zone between Mana and Ōtaki, it is good to have a strong presence here. As a constituency Member of Parliament myself, I can tell you how important work that happens in these spaces is; you know people often come to an electorate Office when they have literally run out of other places to go.”

“Having that kind of service available for the people here in Kāpiti is just so important. It will be really valued community service to Terisa and Barbara; good luck, uh, I know that you are going to be working really hard to make sure this community gets the type of representation and advocacy that it absolutely deserves.”

Image: SUPPLIED/CC Sam Hudson

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