Christchurch Terrorist shot himself months before March 15 attack

Christchurch Terrorist shot himself months before March 15 attack

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Stuff reported that the Christchurch Terrorist had accidentally shot himself months before his attack at the Masjid An-Nur (Al Noor mosque) and the Linwood Islamic Centre on March 15, 2019.

The man responsible for the Christchurch attack had discharged his gun while cleaning or holding it at his Dunedin home, leaving bullet fragments in his eye and leg. 

The man was treated in Dunedin hospital during mid-2018. It was noted that medical staff never reported the incident for his gunshot wounds.


During November of 2017, the terrorist had gained his gun license. During the time he had shot himself, he was obtaining a large number of weapons and ammo.

There was damage done to the ceiling at his rental property from the discharge of the gun, where his landlords had to repair it later.

It was reported that Police were never notified or alerted to his injuries, as they could have visited him, and potentially, would have revoked his license.

During that time, no legislation would make it mandatory to report gunshot wounds.

Dunedin doctors had previously also treated the man for issues which were for his steroid use.

The Royal Commission is set to release its findings on Tuesday, Dec. 8 and as a suggestion, information about this could be revealed regarding gunshot wound reporting. 


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