Christchurch Terrorist would have gone broke in August 2019

Christchurch Terrorist would have gone broke in August 2019

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The Christchurch Terrorist (Brenton Tarrant), who shot and killed 51 and injured 40 on March 15 2019 at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton, continuing at Linwood’s Islamic Centre would have gone broke in August of 2019.

A to-do list was revealed including a planning document for his financial recordings in a Royal Commission inquiry into the attacks.

On page 215, Chapter 4 of the Royal Commission it states that before the terrorist attack, the man had sent a series of emails to himself. While Police had interviewed him on March 15 2019, he told them directly that he had sent emails to himself.


While using email, sending notes to himself for a ‘future reference,’ it revealed that he deleted them before the terrorist attack on March 15 2019. However, a few emails of his were recovered, which had record elements of his planning and preparation.


On 20 December of 2018, the terrorist had sent an email to himself at 5:01 am.

The email read: “Kill an armed invader and [receive] a medal, kill an unarmed invade and receive a life sentence, but the invaders threat remains the same.”

Mobile phone location data was also investigated as evidence that Police had relied on. Electronic information on the SD card of a drone he owned and an external hard drive that was sent to his sister (Lauren Tarrant).

Before he sent the drone and the external hard drive to his sister, the SD card that was located inside of the drone and external hard drive contained files that had relative information into his planning for the attacks.

Police recovered some text documents from the drone SD card and external hard drive that he deleted, which indicated the terrorist did not want the files to be found — it was believed that the SD card files were used on another device that could have been a source of where the files came from. During an interview that Police did with the terrorist, he confirmed the files were there and that he did delete them so they could not be found.

The planning documents were created on 9 February of the year 2018,


The image above reveals what was recovered from the SD card that was inside the drone.

It was indicated in the terrorists planning that he would run out of money on August of 2019 — but it wasn’t clear if the budget planning of 550 days was to run from 7 February 2018 or from 9 February of 2018.

His money would run out in August of 2019 which means it was an intention to carry out a terrorist attack around that time, making it coincide with Eid al-Adha, a Muslim festival which marks the end of the annual pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). The event took place mid-August.


The terrorist when asked in an interview by Police, he had said that he did have it in mind to launch an attack in Dunedin because of the ‘significance’ of the date in the Islamic calendar. He later abandoned it for several reasons, because he was running out of money.  


Lastly, a to-do list was revealed in the Royal Commission of the terrorist’s intentions of planning attacks at ‘other mosques’ due to running out of money. The reference to the ‘other mosques’ indicated that the terrorist had not finalised the locations of his attack, including the ‘go plan’ that was not yet finalised.

The terrorist had told Police that he undertook internet research on the masjid in Australia, Europe and New Zealand even to the point of downloading layouts and using them as planning sheets for an attack.

The terrorist ruled out an attack on the masjid in the United States, changing his mind and settling it to be on the South Island as ‘the appropriate location’ for it to ‘go to plan’ — the terrorist had gone to the extreme of increasing frequency of his sisters’ payments, from his share of the rent from their joint rental property due to him losing money and going broke.


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