‘Citizen’ COVID-19 Checkpoints in Northland shut down by Authorities

‘Citizen’ COVID-19 Checkpoints in Northland shut down by Authorities

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Authorities shut down fake COVID-19 Checkpoints that are not officially initiated by the Government following a series of failed negotiations between iwi and police.

According to reports via NZ Herald, local iwi set up an ‘information centre’ on State Highway 1 south of Kawakawa on Thursday. It was set up in response to two Returnees who became positive to COVID-19 after leaving the Pullman Hotel in Auckland’s CBD, including a 56-year-old woman who was confirmed to be a Community Case in Northland on January 24.

Tai Tokeraus’ made up Border Control is accordingly trying to set up Checkpoints, with former MP Hone Harawira who is attempting to enforce it illegally — the Government on January 27 confirmed to press that Checkpoints run by citizens are not official, thisquality reports.


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“I don’t think that people should be making up their own set of rules here. This is the same response I’ve given to all of these sorts of things where people take their own initiative and do things that are potentially infringing on other peoples rights and freedoms,” said COVID-19 Response Minister Christ Hipkins.

“We are working very hard to keep our team of five million all rowing in the same direction. And, so while I do understand the anxiety and the concern, we wouldn’t be releasing people from managed isolation if we thought that there was a risk that they were bringing [COVID-19] into the community.”

“That’s what the process is designed to stop, and across the hundred thousand plus people now who have left managed isolation, we have dealt with a handful of incidents where we have been able to contain those very very quickly.”

Police at the scene reportedly had ‘higher up’ orders to seize the information centres that were initially set up to ‘inform’ travellers of COVID-19 risks.

Hone Harawira said he was ‘pissed off’ over the shut down by authorities. He asked police to ‘reconsider’ their position otherwise Tai Tokeraus’ made up Border Control operation would do everything necessary to protect the community from COVID-19; that is, setting up illegal Checkpoints that the Government never initiated.

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