Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika admits to Journalist he is involved in an investigation – video

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Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika said to a Journalist that the claims are not ‘completely untrue’ about an active investigation that he is involved in regarding an alleged $200,000 business loan fraud scandal, according to Police guidance.

He hosted a ‘pots and pans’ protest at TVNZ’s HQ on February 19.

The protest was about holding ‘fake news’ to account over recent business loan fraud allegations. Including anti-lockdown and anti-COVID-19 motives. It gained enough noise for Stuff and 1News to attend.

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Questions were raised about an investor over an alleged $200,000 loan meant for a housing project. Mr Kahika is involved in an active investigation; it is the reason why he cannot speak about it. He also said that the claims are not ‘completely untrue’.


If the investor was under criminal investigation, Mr Kahika would of not been given $200,000. Let-alone, he would of not purchased a $160,000 2020 Land Rover Discovery on September 14, 2020.

Mr Kahika uses Stuff as leverage for revealing his financial woes. thisquality was the first to start an independent investigation. Stuff was not. He also attempts to deflect the questions asked.

To deflect further, Mr Kahika uses damage control to the small group who gathered for the protest. He also made announcements that he quit politics and his bogus ‘Freedom Party’ to become an activist.

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