Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika ‘supports’ racist Lee Williams motives – video

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Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika is wrong about defending racist Lee Williams to have a platform after inciting violence to Māori people, culture, history and heritage.

Mr Williams was recently was suspended from Synlait, that employs him, after a petition was launched as he posted white supremacist content online to his channel on YouTube, Cross the Rubicon, with over 15,000 subscribers.

The petition called for Synlait to sack him as their company values stated on its website that it is committed to ‘creating opportunities for all to thirve' and to 'employ and embrace a diverse range of talent' within its consumer landscape in the markets that they serve.

Source: CC/ Facebook

Mr Kahika showed his disgusting support for the racist in a plea for attention and gain on his Facebook page with over twenty-two thousand followers.

“I understand the sentiment of why the Māori Party would feel that it needs to stand up and talk about [racist Lee Williams] — I understand it because they feel it is an attack of Te Reo Māori,” he said.

“Now, I don't agree with Lee statements, I don't, but one thing is I will fight to defend his right to make them.”

“If somebody like Lee has a problem with Māori issues, that's his right to do it and speak about it. Don't agree with it. He's uneducated, but I defend his right to have his right to let his thoughts be known.”

Source: CC/ Facebook

Mr Kahika falsely claimed that Māori Party Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer created the petition.

Co-leader of the Māori Party, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, shared her own concerns online to her Facebook page in a call to stop racism in the country.

Justice Aotearoa created it, and she has had no association except signing herself then posting it to her verified page.


Before being suspended, Mr Williams set out a number of attacks toward Māori people including making racist remarks to MPs or Political Figures.

The attacks were mostly directed at Māori Party Co-leader Rawiri Waititi and Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson.

In a deleted video, taunting tactics were used to gain attention showing true colours of racism to Politicians and how Māori Wards decisions could ‘ruin' New Zealand, which is entirely false.

He's an immigrant to the country from the United Kingdom — making the situation a lot worse.

Source: CC/ thisquality

After the ‘cancelling' as he claims it is; GoFundMe and Givealittle pages were initially set up to raise funds for tickets to go to the UK.

Around $6,400 ($6,398) was raised from the GoFundMe campaign, which Michael Allen created to pass on to Mr Williams.

The pages were later pulled after a number of complaints were sent in.

In the light of racism as a becoming trend in New Zealand by Conspiracy Theorists and white supremacists, Mr Kahika has no particular approach to the real problem being caused, which continues to incite violence and threats to the unique Māori culture.


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If you liked this publication, please consider donating to thisquality. Fund trustworthy news from official government and independent newswires around New Zealand.

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Is anything that Lee William’s said a lie? I would call it constructive criticism. And what happened to NZ’s freedom of speech? I think that the man has been, and still is being victimized. Is THIS ok? I don’t think so. The man has more gumption than the rest of NZer’s all put together.