Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer banned from YouTube

Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer banned from YouTube

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Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer was banned from YouTube after spreading misinformation about a worldwide Pandemic. Facebook page Debunking Conspiracies Aotearoa made a Facebook post discovering and confirming the ban.

The YouTube career of Ms Brewer consisted of creating weird videos within her world of spreading unclassed claims about COVID-19 testing, Vaccines and Alert Level Lockdowns.

The channel called ‘Bush Telegraph with Karen Brewer’ had over 9,000 subscribers, where videos gained over a thousand views within a day.



One video published by Ms Brewer was a banging ‘pots and pans’ protest informing viewers to make a lot of noise on their front lawns in hopes to annoy neighbours, disturbing the peace.

It was in response to one COVID-19 Community Case and a temporary three-day lockdown to prevent the spread of potential B.1.1.7 and UK Variants in the community as they are more transmissible.

Ms Brewer published an extensive concourse of videos with Australian woman Lucinda Baulch, who stayed in managed isolation for 28 days because she refused to take any test. Conspiracy Theories were linked to most videos regarding the Pandemic and Managed Isolation Facilities, calling them ‘detention centres’ — who would of thought.


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