Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer to clash ‘pots and pans’ following lockdown announcement – video

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Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer is looking at banging pots and pans over a recent lockdown announcement.

The Government announced a 3 day lockdown as a ‘precaution’ over three Community Cases in South Auckland. It is to prevent any further spread of the virus in the community.

Ms Brewer claimed that the Government initiated lockdown because of activist groups making plans to protest against lockdowns. Conspiracy theories can get out of hand very quickly.

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She encouraged others to disturb the peace by banging pots and pans at 6 pm every night. Including encouragement to get others to toot their car horns.

Image/Video: SUPPLIED/Bush Telegraph

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She needs to be deported back to Australia! No chance to Pass Go and collect $200, No Community Chest!  Just make her GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!

Thats just childish Karen. You need a psychiatrist…