Conspiracy Theorists park car in middle of road to spread misinformation

Conspiracy Theorists park car in middle of road to spread misinformation

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A group of Conspiracy Theorists stopped in the middle of the road outside Whangārei Inland Revenue (IRD) to spread misinformation about COVID-19.

Captured from a live stream on Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahikas’ Facebook page shows a blue Ute park up in the middle of the road on Bank Street.

Encouragement from Mr Kahika showed there was no consideration for traffic coming behind the vehicle except laughter. It was a dangerous situation.


Source: CC/ SUPPLIED-Facebook

Australian woman Lucinda Baulch, the front passenger holding a megaphone, was blasting a recorded voice by Conspiracy Theorist Karen Brewer who is known to bang pots and pans together in protest against lockdowns.

The recorded audio spread misinformation that there is a bogus ’emergency’ mentioning the Government is corrupt for locking down. However, lockdowns save lives over the virus when it spreads.

Contact Tracing has been proven to work, thisquality reports.

Source: CC/ SUPPLIED-Facebook

The back seat rider JJ King was known to call Founder Sam Hudson a ‘freemason’ when a request was made to be interviewed.

Ms Baulch was purported to fly back to Australia following a long 28-day stay in managed isolation, for refusing to take a COVID-19 test.


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