Coronavirus: Confirmed cases are over 1,000 – How New Zealand slowed the numbers

Coronavirus: Confirmed cases are over 1,000 – How New Zealand slowed the numbers

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Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield.

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On Sunday, 5th of April 2020, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said that the current Coronavirus cases have risen to 1,039 from 950.

Eighty-nine new cases from yesterday, 48 confirmed, 41 probable. No additional deaths, 156 cases recovered. 

15 in hospital, 3 in intensive care, 1 in Wellington and two in Auckland. Two in critical condition.

Total combined confirmed and probable is 1,039.

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The numbers have been rising every day, on average, 50 – 80 cases per day, but how can New Zealand slow the spread even more?

The laws around activities and travel under Alert Level 4 were clarified for New Zealanders yesterday, The Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Police Ministry releasing a joint statement on the rules. All outdoor-related activities, including swimming, surfing, and fishing, are completely banned.

Jacinda Ardern says that modeling provided to the Government on the eve of the lockdown showed they would have 4000 cases at this point. Instead, they have 1000.

Ardern says NZ closed its border faster than many other countries – 25 days after its first case.

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“Going hard and going by early appears to be paying off for us,” Jacinda Ardern said.

She also mentioned the lockdown is good for health and also the economy.


She asks Kiwis to be proud of the sacrifices they have made thus far.

Ardern says over the last two days, police did 795 prevention controls and undertook 990 reassurance checks at essential services.

She said most people were acting well, but there were some “that I would charitably describe as idiots.” This includes the man arrested for filming himself coughing on people in a supermarket.

Ardern responds to people who have asked for the economy to be balanced with the need for a lockdown.

She says this is a false dichotomy, and people who try to keep the economy going too strongly during coronavirus end up with “the worst of both worlds.”


Her overall point is that basically if we have a massive health crisis with thousands dying, that will hurt the economy more than just the lockdown.

Ardern is asked about the exit plan for the lockdown. She says most of the data will be publicly available and visible – community transfer, rates of new cases, etc.

But there is no plan for a level 5 lockdown alert as level four is as high as it gets. There is an exit criterion for level 4 that will be written up, according to Jacinda Ardern.

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