Coronavirus: People rush to Supermarkets in Otaki since Alert Level 3 was announced

Coronavirus: People rush to Supermarkets in Otaki since Alert Level 3 was announced


New World Otaki.

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On Monday afternoon at around 3:00 pm people raced to the Supermarkets to buy their essential needs after

Alert Level 3

was announced earlier in the afternoon by Jacinda Ardern; this isn’t necessary, and everyone should stop panic buying. It will not help anyone else that is less fortunate.

Panic buying is driven by most media; if not that if people see others stocking up on more items than usual, others are going to want to do that too. Just a reminder that the trucks are still coming in, Supermarkets will always be open no matter what happens and lastly, people need to keep their distance and stay safe.

A little tip from this OPINION post is that you can send out just one person from your household with a list of what you need for your weekly needs & not stockpile; it isn’t World War Three yet!

Head of Foodstuffs North Island Chris Quin told Mike Hosking individuals to think they have to sneak in and get something for themselves. 

He says taking more than you need is out of line to other people. 

“When somebody purchases five or 10, that implies that four or nine others, and we don’t imagine that is New Zealand spirit.”

Bread Shelves emptied at New World Otaki.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

Earlier in the week, Foodstuffs announced that all New Zealand Supermarkets will now have a cap limit on specific items, if not all, to prevent the spread of panic buyers selling out things for the less fortunate.

“Foodstuffs is in complete support of the Government’s move to increase physical distancing as New Zealand tackles the COVID-19 pandemic. These are extraordinary times, and if we are to protect our people, then extreme measures do need to be taken.”

“Our New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square, Gilmours and Trents stores remain 100% committed to ensuring New Zealanders have their grocery needs met, and we are doing everything we can to make this happen.”

“We are extremely grateful, the fact our teams are continuing to work tirelessly to meet New Zealand’s needs at this time. Without their ongoing dedication, we couldn’t make it happen for you; they are the mainstay of what we do.”

“But please be assured, we will continue serving New Zealand and meeting Kiwi’s everyday grocery needs. We are a business where every store is locally owned, and each store is making the best decisions every day for their community as this situation unfolds.”

“But we do want to ask our communities to support us as we work hard to achieve this. Please remain patient and considerate to each other and our staff during this time. In essence, our people are placing feeding New Zealand ahead of their own needs, and we are incredibly grateful for their selfless commitment. Please #shopnormal, and we will do all we can to support you.” said the Foodstuffs team on a



2 Per Customer rule for Toilet Paper.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

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