Coronavirus: Schools and Workplaces under Alert Level 3 Lockdown

Coronavirus: Schools and Workplaces under Alert Level 3 Lockdown

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Schools will open from 28th April with the first day out of lockdown to be a teacher only day for preparations.

Schools will be open if necessary for students from the 29th April.

“Stay home – you must be home unless getting essentials Work and learn from home if you can. At-risk students and staff should stay home. Early learning centers and schools will be open up to year 10 families,” Jacinda Ardern said

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Make your business as COVID-19 safe, as this has spread in businesses before.

Stay regional, you can exercise at parks or beaches within your region, but the closer, the better.

Activities must be safe and keep 2 meters apart.

Keep your bubble as small as possible, if you need too, you can expand your bubble to a small amount to bring in close family, isolated people, or caregivers.

Wash your hands often with soap, dry them & also cough into your elbow, not your hands.

If you’re sick, stay at home; get advice from your GP or health line about getting a test.

“We will also be stepping up our testing on asymptomatic workers in facilities where there have been recent cases incl. In health care settings, essential businesses and tourist industry groups and also proactively testing contacts of new cases that were indicated regardless of symptoms. This will incl. household, workplace, and social contacts,” said Ashley Bloomfield

“Equally, contact tracing was one of the first things that we started to scale up, including creating a national service with more than 200 staff who have had the sole focus of tracking down close contacts of confirmed and probable cases.”

“Essentially, what we are doing here is transforming what was a very local manual process into a national automated system with scale.”

“This is the first time this has been done in New Zealand, and I am proud of what the team have achieved over the last month,” said Ashley Bloomfield

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