Coronavirus: Top measures for the level 3 alert lockdown

Coronavirus: Top measures for the level 3 alert lockdown

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The level 3 alert level of COVID-19 will include limited contact.

You can expand your bubble a little but keep it exclusive and small.

Businesses and workplaces move from essential operations to safe operations only. You must work from home if you can.


Some businesses cannot open due to the amount of contact they may have with customers. These include restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, and retail stores.

However, delivery, drive-thru, online shopping, or options like click and collect shopping can begin.

“At level 3, there will be a partial reopening of education. Early childhood centers and schools will be available up to and including year 10 only. But attendance is purely voluntary.” Jacinda Ardern said.

“Tertiary education will mostly be through distance learning, but except on-campus research that cant is done off-campus, such as lab work and practical hands-on learning,” Jacinda Ardern said.

Travel restrictions remain. Keep it regional.

You can be in 1-meter contact with someone if you’re able to identify them as a close contact if you potentially have the virus.

Keep note of where you have been and what time.

“It is not until level 2 that there is a significantly lower risk to public health and where there can be a significant loosening of controls on people’s movement and your ability to socialize with one another. But there is a reason for that, we want to get to that place sooner, and when we get there, we want to stay there.” Jacinda Ardern said.

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