COVID-19: 2 new cases to report in New Zealand today

COVID-19: 2 new cases to report in New Zealand today

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There are 2 new cases of COVID-19 to report in New Zealand today. Both of the new cases are reported in managed isolation facilities.

The first case arrived in New Zealand on October 19 from the Netherlands via Dubai and the second arrived on October 21 from Doha. They were both tested on arrival as they developed symptoms during the flight. They are both now in Auckland’s quarantine facility.

Christchurch Sudima Hotel cases remain at 18.


The fishermen that arrived last Friday have been re-tested today, as additional day 6 testing. The Ministry says they will have the results back by late Saturday.

Auckland was issued an alert through the NZ COVID Tracer app at around 7 pm last night to people who had been at the Malt Pub in Greenhive last Friday night. This alert was sent because one of the cases reported yesterday which was a workplace contact of the port worker that was reported over the weekend visited that pub between 7:30 pm and 10 pm last Friday.

Anyone who was in the pub on Friday night, including their household contacts, is being told that if they are potential contacts of the possible contacts; they should self isolate and get tested for COVID-19.

“Please remain in isolation until you receive your results. Very conscious people don’t want to be sitting around over the weekend waiting for their result, so we’ve put in place a process to people who are notified immediately if their result has been processed and reported back as quickly as possible,” said Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Auckland’s DHBs have also opened up two additional testing centres on Northshore, a pop-up centre today at North Wainonie Park in Greenhive and a surge centre is also open for a week from today at North Care Accident Medical which is off Constellation Drive.

The Greenhive pop-up had 20 people through in the first hour today, and it’s great to see people getting out there in the community supporting the Ministry’s efforts to contain the virus.

“You can also get a test at your GP anywhere across Auckland, and that other centre at North Care is also available,” said Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

There are also 6 permanent community testing centres, of the six, three will be remaining open on the weekend. Those are the North Coat Community Testing Centre, North Care Accident Medical and the Whangaora Community Clinic in Whiri.

There is also a number of urgent care centres across Auckland that are open also over the weekend for swabbing as part of the usual provision of after-hours care.

You can view the Healthline website to see where all the testing centres are located around/near you.

The total number of active COVID-19 cases is currently 58.

There is no one in hospital with COVID-19 in New Zealand.


The total confirmed COVID-19 cases remain at 1,558. This is the number that the Ministry of Health reports to the World Health Organisation.

Laboratories yesterday processed 7,083 tests, bringing the total number of tests processed to date to 1,047,994.


More to come soon.

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