COVID-19: $40m lottery fund for iwi, Hapū and Communities

COVID-19: $40m lottery fund for iwi, Hapū and Communities

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The Department of Internal Affairs has announced a new fund worth $40 million that has opened as a lottery; it focuses on community and social actions following COVID-19 complications in recent times.

The fund will support actions that ensure iwi, hapū and communities across New Zealand are safe and flourishing following COVID-19.

Clare Toufexis, General Manager Hāpai Hapori says “the fund will be allocated with quick decision making, low compliance costs and a clear focus on the needs of the community.

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“Many community organisations have been affected by COVID-19, and this fund will allow those communities to respond to changing needs.”

The fund worth $40m will be providing one-off grants for community or social ambitions that will be increasing the strength and flexibility of communities.

The fund is part of $178 million allocated by the Lottery Grants Board this year to support communities and social ambitions, marae, community facilities, heritage, environment activities, outdoor safety, health research and individuals with disabilities.

The fund was announced In August by the board, saying “community groups responded incredibly to the initial lockdown and continue to play a vital role in supporting the most vulnerable people and communities.”

The Fund does not have a set closure date and will remain open until all funding has been distributed

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