Covid-19 Case Confirmed In New Zealand

Covid-19 Case Confirmed In New Zealand

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 Auckland City Hospital.


Credit, Source: /Getty Images

Jacinda Ardern (

PM of New Zealand

) confirmed today that there was a suspected case of Covid-19 that had then tested negative twice but positive today. 


The two negative samples which were taken from the throat, or nasopharynx, received negative but the person’s symptoms were worsening, so it was thought of as a lung infection.

The person, in their 60’s is a citizen of New Zealand; the person travelling from Iran via Bali to Auckland City had fell ill & quickly went to Auckland Hospital on the 26th of Feb after confirming that they have a case of Coronavirus (

also known as Covid-19.



The person that had been tested positive after being tested negative previously, was driven in a private vehicle from Auckland Airport, to their home & then to Auckland Hospital.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement that “the chances of a outbreak in surrounding areas are remaining low.”

David Clark (Minister of Health) said the person “had followed all of the steps to ensure they are contained and not spreading the virus into surrounding communities by using proper safety measures.”

“The person will have to self-isolate for 14 days and the people that were on the plane sitting behind, in front or next to the patient, that had been confirmed to have Covid-19 will be contacted.” Dr. Bloomfield said.

The New Zealand PM (

Jacinda Ardern

) announced it will be expanding it’s travel restrictions because of the virus to those travelling from Iran to New Zealand. ”

The restrictions mean non-New Zealanders travelling from Iran are barred from the country, while New Zealanders travelling from there would have to go into isolation for two weeks.”

If you’re needing or wanting information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) you can contact Healthline free on 0800 358 5453.

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