COVID-19 cases rises to 514 in New Zealand

COVID-19 cases rises to 514 in New Zealand

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Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield  & Jacinda Ardern.


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On Saturday 28th of March 2020, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said that the current Coronavirus cases have risen to 514 from 451.

63 total new, 60 new confirmed cases, 3 probable as of 9:00 am on Sunday. 56 individuals confirmed recovered, 9 people in Hospital with COVID-19, 3 are in Wellington Regional Hospital, 1 Wairau hospital, 1 in Nelson Hospital, 1 in Whangarei Hospital, 1 each in Waikato, Taranaki and Dunedin Hospitals. One is in ICU on a ventilator.

The combined total in New Zealand is 514 cases.

One person has died due to Coronavirus, a Woman in her 70’s. Jacinda Ardern explains how it will be an enormously difficult time for the family involved.


“Even with the measures we now have in place, we will continue to see more people get sick because of the time it takes for people to become unwell after they have picked up the virus.”

The people with underlying health issues are far more at risk; Jacinda mentioned that to prevent spread, we must more than ever social distance.

“Stay at home, break the chain, and save lives.”

“There are 514 people who are or who have battled this illness who need our support, they deserve our support just for anyone who is sick and in need.”


“Many kiwis I know are keen to ensure collectively that the rules are being followed. Some are trying to encourage that by calling 111; in fact, there have been over 2,000 calls so far been made to have the rules of self-isolation to be enforced,” said Jacinda Ardern.

The New Zealand police have introduced a new online form to report level 4 restriction breaches; the way can be found

This is to report businesses that are not apart of the essential workforce and to report isolation breaches. This helps police lines to be freed up.

Ardern mentioned the cabinet meeting this morning was to discuss New Zealanders returning from overseas; roughly yesterday 840 people arrived back from Australia and the Pacific. 300 are expected to come back to New Zealand today.

Requirements at the border will be quarantined if they have no accommodation & also if they have symptoms. It is not optional.

21 Hospital staff were exposed by not using correct PPE gear when working with a patient that had COVID-19. 

The staff aren’t self isolating due to a low chance according to Ashley Bloomfield.

All hospital rates are about 50% for reserve. They’re about half full to prepare for Coronavirus. This means all surgieres were delayed or moved to a later date. 

The patient that had COVID-19 could be linked to over seas travel, not confirmed yet.

No close contacts have not been tested but family members are in self isolation that were in close contact.

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