COVID-19 could complicate Nancy Pelosi’s position as House Speaker

COVID-19 could complicate Nancy Pelosi’s position as House Speaker

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According to The Epoch Times, American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is not too fussed about losing her role if it comes that way.

The path is complicated for Pelosi next year to retain being speaker of the House.

Seeking support to keep the motive up with her allies for another term is threatened due to the slimmer majority in the next Congress after Democrats were surpassed in the polls during November.

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Far fewer Democrats for the vote on January 3 of next year could mean Pelosi remains as Speaker, but due to COVID-19 concerns, it may prevent many of them being in the Capitol to log votes.

Pelosi would need to secure support from half of the voting members, and it will put the process into a chaotic matter for the Democrats.

Republicans have an outstanding advantage and could favour a GOP speaker instead. During the November 3 election, Democrats lost 10 seats to Republicans. 

The Democrat majority is slimmer than the last two years and some in the House are planning not to back her.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy could potentially take the speakership due to the pandemic.


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