COVID-19: Does New Zealand really need to close down for every virus in the future?

COVID-19: Does New Zealand really need to close down for every virus in the future?

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We’ve closed down from the Coronavirus, so what will we do if a virus happens to arrive over winter once again in New Zealand in the future? Is the Government going to lock everyone up again? The question that everyone really should be asking is if the Government will have any pandemic pre-plan for the Country to prevent an upcoming recession? Like we’re experiencing right now.

The Coronavirus has had a massive impact on our health and wellbeing, our economy, and our whole lifestyle & the way we live has disrupted. Keeping your self well is the only way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus during Winter.

Eating good nutritional food and going outside.


The medicines that most use today are very harmful to the body in terms of not being healthy. Not eating well & not looking after your body will cause more harm than good, especially sitting around the home during winter when people are the most vulnerable. The body immunity needs to be as strong as it can be, including physical, mental, and spiritual health has a significant impact on feeling great.

The Coronavirus lockdown had halted most of New Zealander’s lives to the point of people losing their jobs due to their companies not being able to afford their staff or having to close down their stores nationwide.

The Government had banned fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities during the COVID-19 lockdown. The biggest mistake the Government made. Everything people would typically do against the law according to the Coronavirus lockdown rules.

The New Zealand Police were to follow suit & tell people to let Police know if someone in their neighbourhood had been breaking the illegal lockdown rules. In terms of legal law, this was illegal for the Government to enforce. The law doesn’t provide for the Minister of Health or the Medical Officer of Health to stop people from New Zealand doing activities outdoors. The law only makes provision to halt outdoor events where people are congregating, meaning that swimming, hunting, fishing, or even going out on your boat means there was no way the Government could prevent those activities from happening.

According to the big media corp, people in New Zealand are “outraged” by the enforcement actions the Government made. And the transparency for the law that was breached by the Government. The Police had prosecuted innocent people for doing the activities they love & most of the time except a few slips, the people were by them selfs doing what they enjoy; not in large groups– but Police were still forced to enforce the fake laws.

There are three types of laws that the Government had acted upon using to enforce. These were the Epidemic Preparedness Act, the Health Act Part III, and the Civil Defense Emergency Management Act.

The leading player of all acts was the Health Act Part III section 70, which provides for the medical of health to offer certain restrictions. The Government ignored Part III-A) of the Health act; Part III-A) sets out all the rules that must be followed when they are exercising their powers to manage infectious and quarantinable diseases.

The whole time, people could not understand how fast everything happened in terms of businesses being forced to close, and people being stopped from doing outdoor activities. The Government can’t prevent any of these things from being enforced, meaning that they’d not read the whole Health Act, which means the restrictions were illegal as Part III-A) of the Health act states the very type of things we would expect. They can only act under Part III-A) of the Health act and use their powers of the Infections Diseases and guarantees when it’s justified as doing so.

The media played a significant role in the entire decision and not the facts & evidence. Shutting down New Zealand ultimately had impacted the majority of New Zealander’s lives. This also played a significant role in the $50b recovery model that had been proposed and taken action; this should have never come out of nowhere even to help the small businesses in the first place as they’d not be in the position they’re in now. More small businesses are closing down day by day because they cannot afford to stay up. This also played a significant role in the countries recession that could be happening before our very eyes.

An investigation needs to happen to look into how this all happened, who had given the Government the advice without the facts, was the information done explicitly as expected for a responsible government would do, and getting help from the arrangement of other sources that had represented the public interest? New Zealand hasn’t had real transparency from the Government on the act in good faith.

Since New Zealand currently has a low number of Coronavirus cases, the Country still, to this day, is struggling to stay open business-wise. If the Government had acted faster, maybe the impact wouldn’t have of being as bad.

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