COVID-19: Five new cases reported in managed isolation

COVID-19: Five new cases reported in managed isolation

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There are four new cases of COVID-19 to report in managed isolation today. There is one case to report in the community, that is related to a managed isolation case reported on last night. It is included in today’s total.

Of the four new cases reported today, all are in quarantine at the Auckland quarantine facility – one case arrived on October 19 via Kabul via Dubai and tested positive at around day 12.

The second case arrived on October 21 from London via Doha and Brisbane and tested positive at around day 12.


The third case arrived on October 29 from the USA via Sydney and tested positive at around day 3.

The third case arrived on October 29 from the New York via Doha and Brisbane and tested positive at around day 3.

The first two of those cases that tested positive at around day 12, the Ministry now has a protocol where they look at each of these cases appearing in managed isolation to look at anything that could indicate if these are older cases.

They are very interested in any cases first being detected at day 12 to rule out any possibility of any cross-contamination in the facility.

The Ministry will be routinely investigating and reporting on what they find on each of the cases, of which a high CT value returns from the original test and also doing serology tests routinely to have a picture built about ruling out any cross-contamination in the facility.

The new community case in Christchurch who us a worker at a managed isolation facility was tested as part of routine testing, returned a negative test on Thursday, October 29 and Saturday they person developed symptoms and sought a further test on Sunday and a positive test was returned yesterday. The person is now in isolation.

There is one household contact who is a student at Cashmere High School, that person was tested once and returned a negative result, and is being treated as a close contact. They will remain in isolation for the 14 day period, and they will be tested again at around day 5 and day 12.

Parents, caregivers and staff at Cashmere High School have been contacted as advised in a letter, that members of the community at the school do not have to be tested unless they have symptoms of COVID-19. As per routine guidance, they are not required to self-isolate.

Christchurch Public Health will be in touch with the school if there is any change to that system; otherwise, it has been business as usual at the school today.

Other staff at the managed isolation facility who may have worked on the relevant shifts are in the process of being contacted and tested as appropriate if they had or not been tested in the last few days as part of routine testing.

Public Health staff in Christchurch are continuing to work with the team at Countdown on Colombo St where the person visited, where the community case visited — the store undertook deep cleaning, and video footage is continuing to being reviewed just in case there is a potential that the case when they were there and were potentially infectious had any interaction with both staff or customers.

Christchurch Public Health Staff is reviewing any other locations the staff member may have visited. At this time, no other areas of concern have been identified which would require public notifications.


A push notification was sent out to all who scanned at the supermarket to notify them they were there when the community case visited. There were less than 20 people who scanned into the supermarket and the Ministry is saying members of the community can do better than that and encourages people to scan and use the NZ COVID Tracer app.

The positive test for this staff member means that first of the international mariners’ cluster are due to complete their managed isolation this morning but, they have had their stay extended for at least the next 24 hours as a  precautionary measure.

11 cases have been considered as recovered, meaning the total number of active COVID-19 cases is 75.

The total confirmed COVID-19 cases are now at 1,612. This is the number that the Ministry of Health reports to the World Health Organisation.

There is no one in the hospital with COVID-19 in New Zealand.

Laboratories yesterday processed 2,455 tests, bringing the total number of tested completed to date to 1,106,568.

There are now 2,337,200 users registered on NZ COVID Tracer app.

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