COVID-19 Level 2: Cars and Coffee meetup, a success

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During Alert Level 2 lockdown, car enthusiasts met up Sunday to show off their rides. Hosted and planned by GIMS (Girls In Motorsport), Good2Go Media

Since the COVID-19 lockdown levels, two was announced for the rest of New Zealand while Auckland being level three. Precautions and social distancing are strongly advised by the organisers to keep everyone safe. 

The location of the event was held at the Otaihanga Domain in Paraparaumu at 11 am. The organisers were pleased it went well, especially with the current COVID-19 restrictions, distancing was reasonable, and a good yarn was held between numerous groups.


“Social distances must be maintained, and face coverings are welcomed 😷☺️ — some may not agree with this decision but will remind you that bars and restaurants and shopping malls are also still operational. Please feel free to come along 😎☺️,” said GIMS in a statement before the event.

“The park we are using is right next door to houses and in the past have never been happy about boy racers being there,” said GIMS in a statement before the event.

Organisers did make it clear, that under no circumstances was there to be skids or revving at the meetup area.

After attending Otihanga Domain, the car crew followed suit to another location at around 1 pm outside Burger Fuel to park up once again showing off their cars and having a bite to eat.

Around 90 people attended the event, ensuring that level two restrictions were met; it was a perfect event with the right amount of people. Families with children riding their bikes were not aware of the event taking place but were excited to see it happen as they cycled by.


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