COVID-19 reaches Antarctica, 36 infected had to evacuate

COVID-19 reaches Antarctica, 36 infected had to evacuate

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has reached Antarctica during the world’s biggest global pandemic.

All seven continents worldwide have been affected by the virus after cases were recorded for the first time in Antarctica on Monday.

36 people have reportedly been infected at a Chilean research base, including 26 other Chilean army members and 10 maintenance workers.


They became positive with COVID-19 after taking a PCR test. Some were noticing symptoms before the tests were administered.

All 36 who became positive were evacuated to Punta Arenas’s city in Chile, now self-isolating and are all in a ‘stable’ condition.

The Antarctic Report posted a tweet sharing the unfortunate news.

Sadly Antarctica is no longer free of COVID-19!” read the tweet opening statement.

“The Chilean army today reported 36 personnel at O’Higgins Base have tested positive (26 military and 10 civilians).”

A comment on the tweet expressed how it happened, including the levels of incompetence it took to bring COVID-19 to Antarctica.

The limited response of medical and public health care in Antarctica is a high risk that could have catastrophic consequences if one were to contract the virus due to the significant morbidity in the extreme environment.

Image: SUPPLIED/The Antarctic Report

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