COVID-19: Seven new cases in managed isolation, none in community

COVID-19: Seven new cases in managed isolation, none in community

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There are seven new cases of COVID-19 to report in managed isolation today. There are no cases to report in the community.

Of the seven new cases reported today, one case arrived from the United States on October 26, one case arrived from Ukraine on October 26,  two cases arrived from Qatar on October 27, one case arrived from Dubai on October 28 and two cases arrived from Qatar on October 29.

All of the cases were detected during routine testing and isolation processes. They are now at Auckland’s quarantine facility.

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The Ministry of Health is continuing to work with Japanese counterparts regarding a New Zealand child who returned a weak positive COVID-19 test after arriving in Japan on October 23. Further testing of the child and their family including close contacts have all revealed negative test results.

The Japan case has no ongoing risks to New Zealand and is now closed.

The international mariners in Managed isolation in Christchurch have all carried out day 15 testing this weekend, who are all not confirmed as positive cases.

All those who meet the low-risk indicators which include those who’ve recovered or have returned consistently negative test results through their stay will be eligible to leave managed isolation from next Tuesday on November 3.

Three other cases have recovered, which brings the total number of active COVID-19 cases to 75.

The total confirmed COVID-19 cases are now at 1,601. This is the number that the Ministry of Health reports to the World Health Organisation.

There is no one in the hospital with COVID-19 in New Zealand.

Laboratories yesterday processed 5,964 tests, bringing the total number of tests processed to date to 1,096,666.

There are now 2,334,500 users registered on NZ COVID Tracer app.

The app has recorded a total of 103,465,963 poster scans and a total of 4,328,487 manual diary entries.

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