COVID-19 testing centre set up behind Ōtaki Museum

COVID-19 testing centre set up behind Ōtaki Museum

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A popup COVID-19 testing centre has been set up behind Ōtaki’s Museum after a partner of a staff member who works at Ōtaki College was identified as a close contact of the positive COVID-19 case who was flying from Auckland to Wellington last Thursday. 

The close contact followed health guidelines and self-isolated while test results were processed over the weekend.

The Ministry of Health will announce further details in the next press conference at 1 pm.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The principle of Ōtaki College, Andy Fraser, confirmed earlier today that the first test of the close contact returned as negative.

“While this is a great relief, the Ministry of Health Department protocols will continue to be followed with that person and partner continuing to self-isolate, with further testing to follow,” said Andy Fraser in a statement posted to social media.

Ōtaki College will operate as usual under the Ministry of Education and Regional Public Health guidelines.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The popup COVID-19 testing centre that has been set up behind the Ōtaki Museum will run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesday.

If you feel unwell or do show symptoms of COVID-19, you should stay home and request getting a test by calling your local GP.

If you were in contact with the close contact, you do not need to get a test. The Ministry of Health is suggesting that only those who are having or feeling symptoms of COVID-19 are to get tested. 

Image: CC/ Sam Hudson

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