Covid Plan B says New Zealand should ‘live with the virus’

Covid Plan B says New Zealand should ‘live with the virus’

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Covid Plan B is a ‘balanced approach’ to COVID-19. They are promoting an anti-lockdown perplexity.

The group running the Plan B agenda set up a website to bring a different approach to so-called lockdowns, gaining media attention from numerous outlets since lockdowns started.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has since made several back-and-forth decisions suggesting lockdowns during the early stages and then not suggesting lockdowns. Basically, a complete misinformation mashup.


Groups like conspiracy theorist conspire over the fact that they cannot make up their minds at the WHO.

In April of this year, Covid Plan B said that lockdowns were causing more harm than good.

Dr Daid Nabarro from WHO said over the weekend that lockdowns are causing more harm to try and ‘contain the virus’ than good after previously supporting lockdowns listing six conditions that must be met to lift such measures. He stated that  “Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer”.

A ‘remarkable turnaround’ says Covid Plan B, New Zealand should ‘live with the virus’.

Nabarro supported a policy change towards governments to protect the elderly and those who are vulnerable to the virus from pre-existing medical conditions while letting the rest of the population return to normal life.

Spokesman Dr Simon Thornley for Covid Plan B says that they welcomed Narbarro’s response as “a major change from the World Health Organisation”.

“We have drawn attention to the severe and disproportionate financial costs of lockdown policies in New Zealand. Crippling our economies and sacrificing our children’s education can no longer be justified since the harm from these policies outweighs any benefits.”

“Our health system has largely avoided severe outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes, and this is where the focus of our response to the virus should be,” concluded spokesman Dr Simon Thornley for Covid Plan B.


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