Creepy spraying videos emerge from Dalian in China

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Two communities in Jinpu New District, Dalian, China were declared as medium-risk of a potential COVID-19 outbreak spreading on December 22. Localised controls were imposed to ensure the outbreak did not spread further.

The district confirmed at least 17 COVID-19 cases. The operation was applied to Area B of the Jinrun Community on Xianjin Street and the Jindong Road Community.

Around 2,500 medical staff arrived in rows of busses to undertake the operation.

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Dalian Fire Fighting crews assisted with the operation of disinfecting the districts.

The fully suited gas mask medical staff can be seen spraying streets with large blower machines.

All communities located within the districts were fully enclosed, not allowed to go outside. The residents had to quarantine until they received a negative result from a nucleic acid COVID-19 test.

Some schools and universities in other areas of the Dalian district suspended classes as a precaution.

Authorities from Dalian said the same measures are used in other parts of China. The restrictions have been in force for the last two weeks, with a possibility of extensions if suspected cases are discovered.

In the Jinpu District security and emergency response personnel were deployed to conduct health screenings of its residents. Temperature scans and mandatory face mask-wearing was enforced on public transport throughout Dalian.

Mass testing has continued as a precaution of the new cases. If a further outbreak is discovered, authorities will impose restrictions on businesses and transport throughout Jinpu New District.

People that were travelling from Jinpu New District will have to undergo increased health screenings.

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