Daily COVID-19 Developments (14.08.20)

Daily COVID-19 Developments (14.08.20)

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The Minister of Health Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield provided an update on COVID-19 at 1:00 pm today.

12 new cases, one probable. 13 new cases, 2 of the 13 new cases are are in Tokoroa, these two people tested posted after follow up of close contacts from a family member who is one of the Auckland cases.

All of the 13 new cases bar one have already been linked to existing cases and that cluster. For the 13th case, that person is currently in Hospital, the link is unknown and is the most recent case.


There are 48 active cases, 30 are linked to the community outbreak.

That brings the total number of confirmed cases to 36, our total number of cases is now 1,251 which is the number MOH (Ministry of Health) reports to the World Health Organization. 

Case information:

Waikato DHB has confirmed the 2 positive cases in Tokoroa are part of a household and are the same people who visited a rest home in Morrinsville. Others in the household tested negative. Close contact tracing is underway with wider whanau members. 

“An aged care facility in Morrinsville was visited by two people before they were symptomatic and the rest home responded rapidly,” Bloomfield said.

Staff and the resident visited have tested negative. Others in the facility are having their swabs analysed at the moment.

A case in Auckland is still under investigation. Dr Ashley Bloomfield added that there is no evidence of other cases outside of Auckland, where the outbreak originated other than Tokoroa.

The case in Hospital at the moment is at Auckland City Hospital. Ashley Bloomfield said he’s not concerned about the origins of this case yet. An update will be released later.

All positive cases and their family members will be transferred to quarantine facilities to reduce the risk of transmission in the household and the community.

38 people linked to the Auckland cluster have already moved to a quarantine facility. This includes the cases and household members.​


15,703 tests were processed yesterday, around 26,000 in the last 48 hours. The total number of tests is now 524,414.


Each positive is undergoing the interview and investigation process to identify and assess close contacts. If casual contacts show symptoms, they need to seek advice from Healthline or their GP, but if you don’t have symptoms, you will be turned away.

“A reminder that if you are not showing COVID-19 symptoms if you are not a close contact of any positive cases and if you do not work at the border or MIQ facilities, please do not come to the Community based assessment centres. This slows down priority testing for people who really need it,” said Ministry of Health in a press release.

514 close contacts have been contacted. 83 per cent are being contacted within 48 hours.

“Our National Contact Tracing service has 771 close contacts identified. As of 10 am this morning, 514 had been contacted. We ask anyone who is called by the contact tracers to take and return the call,” said Ministry of Health in a press release.

16 pop up testing centres is now operating in Auckland. There will be a community testing facility operating in Tokoroa all weekend.​

The supply chain of test kits is around 280,000. Testing swabs are being processed in New Zealand just outside of Auckland to speed up the results.

Border testing has sped up over the last two days. This is now compulsory testing. The majority of those workers will be tested by the end of today.

280 staff were tested who work at Auckland international airport’s front line at the border. 100 customer staff were also tested yesterday.


The ports of Auckland tested 500 people yesterday.

50 MPI staff work at the border; over 70 per cent had been tested by last night.

There are 2459 MIQ workers, over 1000 have been tested in the last 48 hours, Chris Hipkins said.

Aged residential care facility in Morrinsville:

2 people who have tested positive visited the Kingswood restore in Morrinsville before they were symptomatic.

The resident who has visited has tested negative, as have all staff members who had contact with the visitors. All staff have been tested and their swabs are being analysed.

“We expect the results later today or tomorrow,” said Ministry of Health in a press release.


NZ COVID Tracer now has 1,172,800 registered users – that’s 386,000 in the last 24 hours.


There have been 171,000 posters created.

“A reminder that the app does not use any data to download or when you use it, as we’ve worked with telecoms companies to ensure there are no barriers to you or anybody using it,” said Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

125 social sector groups in Auckland – iwi, food banks, city missions, have received face masks today.

All businesses must have a QR code before the 19th August to help contact tracing; otherwise, they may face penalties. 


People that do live in Auckland are only allowed to enter. No one else can leave unless they live outside of Auckland.

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