Damien De Ment banned from YouTube permanently

Damien De Ment banned from YouTube permanently

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Trump-era fanatic Damien De Ment has been banned from YouTube permanently following a large number of reports sent to his videos that incited racial tension and violence.

In the past, De Ment made numerous claims that the 45th U.S President, Donald J. Trump, would return after Joe Biden won the 2020 Elections. It was a motive he acted upon as part of the QAnon movement that spread globally, tricking and misinforming people into false narratives.

Throughout his YouTube livelihood that has now become a failure, it was claimed that the New Zealand elections were rigged — it was not and went through a safe process to ensure every vote is legitimate and counted correctly.


Source: CC/ Facebook

Recently he posted multiple videos making baseless claims that Māori Party Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer was part of the cancelling operation done to racist Lee Williams. That is entirely false and fake news, thisquality reports; about how Mr Williams incited violence and hate speech toward Māori people.

Groups such as ARA – AntiRacism Aotearoa and Tāmaki Anti-Fascist Action have worked constructively to ensure people like De Ment are held to account by telling their followers to mass report his videos following his fortified regimes of false realities.

Debunking Conspiracies Aotearoa, a satirical page, has also played a significant role in ensuring his claims were fact-checked and debunked.

Source: CC/ Reddit

In a statement posted to his personal Facebook page in surprise, he confirmed that his bogus channel did in fact vanish from existence.

He added that his ‘free speech’ no longer exists in New Zealand — the truth is that he’s an immigrant from the United States, and showing such disrespect to the unique culture of Aotearoa has consequences.

“My YouTube channel is gone, just like free lawful speech in this nation,” he wrote.

“Don’t worry. I’m not. We have already won; they are just dying before our eyes.”


Previously, he’d quit the ‘bogus freedom movement’ inspired by Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika for about a month before coming back stating that ‘there was no cure for stupid’ — furthermore, his ultimate goal was to grift money from innocent New Zealanders by making them believe that the Covid-19 virus is a hoax.

The future no longer looks too bright now that he can no longer spread fear campaigns against the Government for its Covid-19 response.


If you or someone else is believed to be in immediate danger, it is recommended to contact New Zealand Police directly on 111.

Any content that is thought to be objectionable should be reported to the Department of Internal Affairs. Alternatively, text or talk at 1737 with a trained counsellor 24 hours a day.

Image: SUPPLIED/YouTube

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