David Seymour: ‘Does Santa Claus have a border exemption?’

David Seymour: ‘Does Santa Claus have a border exemption?’

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ACT Leader David Seymour has gone rouge over New Zealand’s border problems.

“New Zealanders should be incredibly frustrated that the only travel bubble Jacinda Ardern’s Government has been able to establish is a fictional one, with the North Pole,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Why are so many people prepared to play along with propaganda devices like the Prime Minister giving Santa Claus a border exemption so he can visit New Zealand to deliver Christmas presents when so much more is at stake?”

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“What about the Cook Islands and Australian bubbles?”

David Seymour says horticulturists and farmers who own thousands of sheep that need shearing — border exemptions are wanted.

There is a desperate need of skilled people from overseas to pick export quality fruit and to prevent an ‘animal welfare issue’ due to sheep not being sheared.

“Meanwhile our Aussie cousins, fresh from stealing a march on us by flying in planeloads of seasonal workers from the Pacific before Christmas, are taking Covid-19 isolation and testing to a whole new level,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“So long as the country of origin is of low risk, workers are being kept in small bubbles throughout their travel and being transported straight from the airport to their workplace.”

“Once there, they only mix in the group they arrived with for the first two weeks in the field and the Covid-19 testers come to them. That way there’s no delay getting to work and no costly two-week stay in a state-run managed isolation facility.”

An agreement of decision that there isn’t a good reason that New Zealand needs to be running managed isolation the way it is currently, for so many people arriving into the country — the Government just isn’t doing enough to work with businesses to develop an equal solution that could fix the drowning economy.

“The message from this Government is simple, let’s talk about Santa Claus and wait for the vaccine, the economy will limp along till then,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT says it doesn’t need to be this way, other countries are proving that, and we’ll keep reminding the Prime Minister regardless of how many fluffy diversions she throws up.”

Image: David Seymour (Facebook), Santa Claus (Pexels)

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