David Seymour is not letting go of Taiwan’s COVID-19 response

David Seymour is not letting go of Taiwan’s COVID-19 response

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ACT Leader David Seymour is not going to be giving up on Taiwan’s COVID-19 response after comparing it to New Zealand’s.

The leader says that Taiwan continues to outperform New Zealand in its COVID-19 response — further speaking that the New Zealand government has done ‘such a poor’ job of running managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

“A tiny island with high population density, and deeply integrated with China, Taiwan should have been a Covid-19 disaster. But it’s achieved the astonishing record of only seven deaths without any lockdowns and while allowing people arriving in the country to isolate at home,” says David Seymour.

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“A group of top epidemiologists has echoed ACT’s call for the government to be a referee, not a player and has said we should allow some travellers to isolate at home.

ACT said the would recognise the role of government as a referee but not a player to further maximise wellbeing in the time of COVID-19 by setting clear rules of the game rather than to be a player.

“MIQ is a good example of where the government has failed to uphold the rules while trying to provide the service itself. While the government was operating isolation facilities, nobody was responsible for checking dangerously exposed staff were being tested,” says David Seymour.

“In Taiwan, new arrivals can isolate at alternative facilities. However, they are strictly and electronically monitored. If you breach the rules, you will be severely punished. The government should be setting the rules for safety and ensuring people meet them rather than trying to do everything itself.”

David Seymour says that the government is doing everything themselves should be more focused on enforcing rules that minimise transmission rates so contact tracing can isolate an outbreak with minimal disruption to people’s overall wellbeing.

“We need to get Taiwan-smart on Covid-19. The virus isn’t going anywhere, and the goal must be to achieve elimination with no more lockdowns,” concluded David Seymour.

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