David Seymour: ‘Labour backs violent Sexual Offenders’

David Seymour: ‘Labour backs violent Sexual Offenders’

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Act Leader David Seymour is calling Labour out because they are backing ‘violent’ repeat sexual offenders.

“Labour is backing some of New Zealand’s worst repeat violent and sexual offenders”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

A report on TVNZ on the evening of November 21, had stated that Labour intends to repeal ATC’s three strikes legislation in the legal world, which allows second and third strikers to be re-sentenced.

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“Labour says the law isn’t working, but it’s not yet possible to come to that conclusion”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“It takes time for a repeat offender to commit three strike offences and serve their sentences, and judges have applied the ‘manifestly unjust’ provision far more than Parliament intended. The Ministry of Justice has said: ‘…it is too soon to evaluate the full effects of the law.’”

“There’s also preliminary evidence that three strikes are having a deterrent effect: ‘…in comparison with second strike able offences committed before the law came into effect, there has been a drop in the number of second strike offences since the law’s implementation.'”

Seymour says the primary purpose of the law is keeping the three-strikes system which keeps New Zealanders safe by locking up repeat offenders in jail for longer.

“Labour is also considering allowing hundreds of second and third strike offenders to be re-sentenced, meaning criminals would be let out of jail early. Our priority should be the victims, not the offenders. The worst offenders should get proper sentences”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT will defend three strikes because it is keeping New Zealanders safe and because we stand for the rights of victims.”

Images: David Seymour (Gettyimages), Jacinda Ardern (Getty Images)

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