David Seymour: The Government has not learned, a failure

David Seymour: The Government has not learned, a failure

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ACT Leader David Seymour says the Government has not learned when it comes to COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and managed isolation.

“The damning Simpson-Roche report into failures of the Covid-19 testing regime, contact tracing and managed isolation comes as no surprise and shows why the Government should have taken on board ACT’s constructive and proven policies,” says Seymour.

Seymour says the Government’s approach will change one iota, from what they always do, is spend billions of dollars at a ‘flawed’ system.


Accordingly, the COVID-19 response is not enough, ‘dumb luck’ — “It’s become very clear that New Zealand’s Covid-19 response being deemed a success has been largely down to a mixture of geography and dumb luck,” says Seymour.

ACT has a five-point COVID-19 policy which advocates for more technology-driven responses based on the Taiwanese model.

“We would also have utilised more skills and resources from the private sector, on an equal footing with public sector experts to ensure the highest possible standards,” says Seymour.

“In commissioning this damning report, the Government has somewhat reluctantly come close to picking up point five of ACT’s Covid-19 policy, that of a culture of openness and continual improvement.”

The report is being delayed until the last week, a Friday, before Christmas.

“It comes close to failing the openness test, and the jury is very much out on whether its recommendations will result in meaningful improvement,” concluded Seymour.

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