Deadly Nitrate levels in New Zealand’s drinking Water needs urgent action

Deadly Nitrate levels in New Zealand’s drinking Water needs urgent action

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The Government is being asked to take urgent action on nitrate levels in New Zealand’s drinking water.

According to a report released from Victoria and Otago Universities, high levels of nitrates mean that up to 800,000 New Zealanders could be affected by the pollution, thisquality reports.

The Universities specifically say and claim that heavy dairy farming practices cause most of the nitrates situation within the drinking water.

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It raises concerns and disturbing truths that local councils are being paid under the table to stay silent, not fully maintaining water pollution levels in their regions and around the country.

New Zealanders’ health must be a priority, and the Government must act and work with local communities rather than closing them out from the discussion.

Department of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Environment are key players in funding a new project called 3 Waters. Its main goal is to privatise water.

Deep investigations will be ongoing with thisquality to hold account for informative actions that benefit New Zealanders.


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