Department of Failure, an independent investigation – ORIGINALS (Official Trailer)

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Releasing on September 20 of this year exclusive to thisquality ORIGINALS is an independent investigation into DOC (Department of Conservation) vs OSPRI (Operational Solutions for Primary Industries) in regards to public acknowledgement of concern and inquiry about Aerial 1080 Poisoning in New Zealand.

The timeframe of the phone calls was when the public was concerned about an Aerial 1080 Poisoning in the Tararua Ranges, scheduled for late Winter. 

The public never knew the plans or had any information sheet about the ‘Project Kaka’ drop. It took Sam Hudson, the CEO of thisquality to investigate and inquire about receiving a map from either DOC or OSPRI; it turns our DOC failed to provide any bit of information, where OSPRI were more professional.

Listen to exclusive audio calls from people that run the operations behind the scenes; showing how they [DOC & OSPRI] compare each other when it comes to concerned callers from either the public or media looking to find out more information.

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Sam Hudson, the CEO of thisquality was annoyed that no media were attending the events even though they were invited via email by the organisers, incl DOC and OSPRI. It turned out, there was an NZME Journalist attending shortly after the video was live-streamed to Facebook.

“So as you can see, there are quite a fair bit of people that have shown up, and it’s good to see that. It’s good that the people know what’s going on and are aware and it’s just a shame that the mainstream media don’t want to report on this stuff. They have a perfect opportunity to come today and get a few scenes, but of course, that’s entirely their decision, but it would be nice because communities and voices matter,” said Sam Hudson.

During the timeframe of the phone calls, DOC and OSPRI were invited to attend public meetings but failed to participate in. An NZ Herald article was made about a 1080 Poison event at Manakau Hall where DOC states they were not aware of any meetings.

Attica Project Otaki Candidate Michael Kay, who was a speaker at the event had said he made over 40 attempts to engage with DOC and OSPRI ‘but got no response’ according to the NZ Herald Article.

Kathy Houkamau who is Wairarapa’s operations manager for DOC, said neither DOC nor OSPRI were aware of the meeting planned and were also not aware of any ‘attempts made by Michael Kay to contact them’.

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