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On this trailer: get ready to experience a whole new ideology of civil discussion between Otaki Candidate Michael Kay & Mana Candidate Mike ILES from the Attica Project going back in time to the classic economics of New Zealand, surrounding a lot of modern theories that have failed, but were thought out better in the world of traditional politics, conservation & more ideas from the past.

Attica Project has launched, and to kick things off, an exclusive launch of a brand new series for the public to view exclusively to thisquality; supporting the ideas surrounding the new un-registered political group.

You’ll see the past like never before showcasing REAL pictures & stories of hard-working people that used trapping methods, harvesting crops, riding horses, and much much more. The first episode releases on Sunday 19th Jul 2020.

So what is explicitly the Attica Project?
Attica Project was the region in ancient Greece, which included Athens. Athens is purported to be the birthplace of democracy, introduced to the Greeks by Cleisthenes, an Athenian leader; in 507 B.C., Democracy means “rule by the people,” and the original system was not dissimilar in structure to most of today’s Western countries.

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The new unregistered party is representing democracy in its purest form, and they are committed to practicing and defending its tenants. Attica Project has various definitions and homonyms, but ultimately they do stand for a conglomerate of meanings. The Project in the sense that it is a work in progress that will be ever-evolving, assimilating knowledge and views. 

They are to welcome and respect people who question and think critically. Debate and discussion are open and conducted with integrity. We also consider that we will be moving forward as in a projectile; therefore, the Project is an apt name.

Attica Project is running on various social media platforms in the midst of changing the political game, bringing it back to how it used to be without big egos or fame farming. They are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Parler.


Do you have a story? send newstips to [email protected]