Did You See Strange Lights In The Sky? They’re SpaceX Satellites

Did You See Strange Lights In The Sky? They’re SpaceX Satellites


SpaceX Satellites can be seen in the night sky.

Credit, Source: /Marita Sparrow

At around 10:04pm on the 23rd of Feburary 2020, Facebook users Sonia Raika, Marita Sparrow & many others reported seeing strange lights in the night Sky. SpaceX had launched 60 new starlink satellites up to orbit on the 17th of Febuary, the 60 new satellites were flown up into space from Falcon 9 first stage.

Strange bright Orange light in the sky.

Credit, Source: /Sonia Raika

Sonia Raika live streamed the event to Facebook but, the night sky was lit up bright Orange as if an explosion had happened but that wasn’t the case. It is unconfirmed/unknown how the night sky was lit up from 60 satellites and, SpaceX has been contacted for comment.

Sonia Raika describes the event in a comment:

It was like hundreds of stars moving in one line across the sky, it was so trippy. It lasted for 30seconds, was so trippy.

Wellington LIVE

, a Facebook page with a following of 172,667 people


that what everyone was seeing was in fact SpaceX Satellites and not UFO’s or Aliens!

SpaceX “Starlink” can be seen flying over New Zealand (

24.02.2020 at around 10:00pm.


Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

We have provided a video showcasing the event:

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