DNA tests confirm Anthony Quinn Warner as Nashville Christmas bomber

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Human remains found at the scene of Nashville’s Christmas explosion involving an RV have returned DNA results that confirm Anthony Quinn Warner as the Nashville Christmas bomber.

Warner, 63, was the only fatality from the explosive RV, committing suicide. Three people were injured as a result.

The suicide bomber was known as a tech expert. He worked in information technology and was a freelance computer technician for a company named Fridrich & Clark Realty’s Green Hills. He resigned from his job suddenly earlier this month after working for at least four years.

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A whole downtown block was destroyed after the explosion occurred including an AT&T building, which knocked out cell services across the whole state.

Authorities conducted forensic testing to match the remains that were found at the bomb site.


The first footage that emerged showed the explosion from what it appears to be a ring camera.


Image: SUPPLIED/Ancestry.com (1974 @ Antioch High School)

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