Document reveals cause of Levin house fire was ‘undetermined accidental’

Document reveals cause of Levin house fire was ‘undetermined accidental’

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A fire that took a house in Kinross St in Levin on September 11 during the afternoon burst out a large plume of smoke over the surrounding neighbourhood.

The fire started at around 3:15 pm, and the emergency crews arrived shortly after.

No one was injured during the fire. But according to the document, there was one civilian reported as trapped, four assisted and two evacuated.

“As the responding officer, the house was well involved on Arrival – before that and en route a 2nd alarm stru response was requested. Water supply was established, and 2 lp dels were called for, and only firefighting was done externally Initially until the overhaul and containment stage.”

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Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The cause of the house fire according to the document released to thisquality states that the fire was ‘undetermined accidental’ – meaning that police will be further investigating the exact cause.

In the report, it also states in the moment reports that while fire crew were attending they say it was of suspicious means, this is not fully confirmed, and the final information and investigation is yet to be completed and announced to the press.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

“There was some exposure damage to the neighbouring property but only seemed to be paint damage from the heat of the fire – an exterior cutoff was in place to try and stop any exposure Fire.”

The origin of the fire was located in the living room, a common room, a TV room and a music room.

“Fi was called for and at the time cause was undetermined Accidental and police were following up with other enquiries.”

A Givealittle fundraiser was started to help the family recover after a fire took their home.

“A fire tore through my families home destroying everything on site. Leaving four children and two adults without a home.”

The fundraiser, which has raised $7,336.00 so far will go towards the family to rebuild what they have lost.

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