Dominion Voting Machines were updated before Georgia Election

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Dominion owned voting machines in Georgia of the United States were found the be updated during the weeks leading up to the November 3 Presidential Election.

State Official Ryan Germany had confirmed during the Georgia Senate Government Oversight Committee meeting about election integrity on December 3. The remarks were made in response to a question from Sen. Marty Harbin about allegations that Dominion machines in the Fayette County were allegedly updated on November 2.

Officials in Georgia during late September had discovered a problem relating to the displays for the U.S. Senate race during pre-election testing of Dominion’s voting system — it was found that with certain circumstances, almost all of the candidates named would not fit on a single screen.

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Software modifications were done to fix the problem, testing-and-validation was required by the company Pro V&V as the software was changed across all Dominion systems.

V&V hired Georgia’s secretary of state to conduct audits of the Dominion voting systems tech that was used during the 2020 Election, but they have had an existing relationship with Dominion which has dated back years. There was not a specific date disclosed when the relationship started.

There was ‘no sign of foul play’ according to the audit made, including Pro V&V who found no evidence of tampering with machines. Dominion has previously denied allegations of unauthorized changes or last-minute updates to the software before Election Day.

Dominion said in a statement: “Claims about software updates being done the night before Election Day are 100% false.”

However, the update was not done before election day according to State Official Ryan Germany. A computer ‘glitch’ had prevented voters from casting ballots on voting machines on November 3 for hours.

Meanwhile, Texas officials in January of this year had rejected Dominion systems ballot-counting softer because there were concerns over whether the system was suitable for its intended purpose.

Dominion denied appearing before a state legislative hearing when requested and has not responded to a request for comment from thisquality and its 3rd-party partnerships.


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