Domino’s introduces a brand new ‘Car Park Delivery’ service

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Domino’s announced this morning at 5 am, for whatever reason, a new Car Park Delivery service meaning you do not have to leave your car. When your order is ready, the delivery person will deliver it right to you with zero contact.

Domino’s introduced the new idea due to the COVID-19 outbreak by fast-tracking it. Their advertisement announcement states that if you ever wanted to pick an order up but didn’t want to go into the store ‘then Domino’s new Car Park Delivery is for you’.

Cameron Toomey, who is the Domino’s New Zealand General Manager, says that the Domino’s Car Park Delivery was created to provide another option for customers ordering Pizza.

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“Our key focus has always been on providing a delicious, hot meal, in the easiest, safest and most convenient way possible. Domino’s Car Park Delivery gives customers the option to wait in their vehicle while a team member delivers their order to them – it’s pick up, delivered.”

The purpose of the new delivery service is to offer a peace-at-mind to customers who can feel more comfortable staying inside their vehicle when picking up a pizza order. The service provides a zero contact pick up option that can be ordered using the Domino’s app or mobile website.

The delivery comes at no extra charges, is optional and takes place as the first for New Zealand’s Quick Service Restaurant industry. 

“For some, that’s Zero Contact Delivery. For others, it’s popping into their local store on the way home. And now, there’s a third option where customers can still enjoy the value picking up a pizza provides without having to leave the comfort of their vehicle,” Mr Toomey said.

“So, if you’ve got kids or pets in the car, don’t want to get out of your comfy pyjamas, or would simply feel more comfortable staying inside in these uncertain times – Domino’s Car Park Delivery could be for you.”

When announced to media, Domino’s said: “Whether you’re still in your pj’s, have the kids or the dog with you or just don’t want to leave the car, with Car Park Delivery you can get your Domino’s pick up order delivered.”

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