Donald J. Trump makes first comments since leaving Office

Donald J. Trump makes first comments since leaving Office

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On Friday former President, Donald J. Trump, made his first public comment since leaving office.

Trump told Rob Crilly of the Washington Examiner on Friday that he will be making a comeback but did not exactly describe what that would be — “We’ll do something, but not just yet,” he said.

The comment was made while the former President was dining at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach in Florida.

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According to party adviser Stephen Miller from reports of the Washington Examiner, there are plans to make Florida the new HQ of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) following.

“He leaves with the certain knowledge that he put everything you have into the mission,” said Miller.

“This movement is beginning. This movement is a young movement. It’s still in its infancy and the president — his own journey is still only begun.”

“Roosevelt left office but soon resented former President Taft, who didn’t do it the way T.R. wanted it. So, T.R. came back and ran again.”

“That possibility hangs over the head of any Republican who wants to try in 2024. As you know, T.R. split the party and actually won more votes than Taft, the incumbent GOP president, giving the election to Woodrow Wilson. Trump can win or be a spoiler.”

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