Dr Ashley Bloomfield: no Exemption for Pakistan men’s cricket team

Dr Ashley Bloomfield: no Exemption for Pakistan men’s cricket team

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Dr Ashley Bloomfield has said to media today in a written format that the Pakistan men’s cricket team will not be allowed to grant an exemption for leaving their hotel, under isolation in Christchurch, for training.

The Pakistan men’s cricket team will not be able to train in groups while completing their time in managed isolation.

“I have very carefully considered this situation.  At this time, I continue to have ongoing concerns about the risk of cross-infection within the squad,” said Dr Ashley Bloomfield

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“There have been a number of active cases identified among the team. Public health considerations will continue to be foremost in our response to COVID-19, whether this involves individuals or teams.”

“We appreciate the challenges that this decision will have for the touring team.”

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Previously Dr Ashley Bloomfield raised concerns over breaches in managed isolation when six members of the Pakistan men’s cricket team tested positive for COVID-19 at their managed isolation facility at the Chateau on the Park in Christchurch.

53 members arrived in Christchurch on 24 November and were tested on day 1, and these cases are the results of those tests.

Several numbers of the team members were seen on CCTV at the facility breaching managed isolation rules, despite the Ministry giving clear, consistent and details communication of expected behaviours while staying at the facility.

The Ministry of Health gave a warning to the team, that was final and an exemption not being granted today was a decision made by Dr Ashley Bloomfield to protect the community from any COVID-19 spread.

Image: CC/ Sam Hudson *Wellington


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