Dumpster catches on fire, burns Briscoes sign

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Jesse Stephens sent a news tip showing a fire break out in Paraparaumu at Briscoes from inside a dumpster at around 12 AM on 28th May 2020.

“We (workmates) came outside for our break at the Warehouse at around about 12 AM from one of our side doors, and we could see some sort of bomb fire. It looked like it from a distance, then had a proper look from that distance to see that it was a fire,” said Jesse Stephens.

The fire would have been set off roughly 10 minutes before their break.


“The fire was at Briscoes, and we saw a bright light from our job the Warehouse. I think someone set it off on purpose, and then we also think someone threw their ciggy in the rubbish bin…” said Jesse Stephens.

Jesse said that he and two other work colleagues Simon and Jacinta, saw it happen as they went outside for their shift break at the Warehouse.

“They thought it was some bomb fire, and it looked as real as it could get to be honest,”

“There might have been some people hanging around on our 15-minute break, but I didn’t take much notice.”

The fire truck took about 5 minutes to arrive on the scene and immediately extinguished the flames.

A police car also arrived to ask Jesse and his colleagues some questions about what they’d seen to investigate further.

“One cop talked to Jacinta as she was the one who made the call while I ran over to video the fire,” said Jesse Stephens.

An OIA has been requested, and we will update this article when we get more information.

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