Early morning crash wakes up neighbourhood, Ōtaki

Early morning crash wakes up neighbourhood, Ōtaki

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An early morning crash woke up the surrounding neighbourhood on Mill Rd, Ōtaki.

The crash happened at around 12:30 am.

Jodie Molloy and her husband, eyewitnesses who took the photos of the scene, were woken up to loud skids thinking it was cars doing burnouts as it happens quite often down the road. 


“My husband thought someone was doing burnouts initially as people often do down our road,” said Jodie Molloy

Emergency services were called with no hesitation after Jodie, and her husband checked to see if anyone was hurt. 

The driver of the vehicle admitted to Jodie Molloy that he was intoxicated — walking away from the scene before the police arrived.

Source: CC/ Jodie Molloy

A pole was taken out from the vehicle crashing into it, which lead to live power lines laying across the road. 

Traffic had to be redirected until fire and police arrived on the scene.

Throughout the early morning, the powerlines were getting repaired, including reconnecting power to homes.

“The houses with power that was effected had a sleepless night, the line had to be repaired, and power reconnected, meaning technicians were in and out of our house at 2 am, and 5 am,” said Jodie Molloy.

“I’m so grateful no-one was hurt as this could have been so much worse than it was it’s truly saddening however that this isn’t enough to wake people up!”

“Please, please don’t drink and drive.”

Jodie says that this has been the second time in the last two months that a crash has happened outside her home, in the same spot.

Police said to thisquality that the circumstances of the crash are being investigated.



Images: Jodie Molloy w/ Permissions

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