Election 2020: Labour to continue in Government for another 3 years

Election 2020: Labour to continue in Government for another 3 years

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Labour is celebrating last nights victory after winning 49% of the vote.

The red party Labour could govern alone if they are willing too — the first time this has happened since New Zealand introduced a mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system in 1993.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the election results gave Labour the mandate to accelerate the COVID-19 response and recovery.


“Tomorrow we start,” said Jacinda Ardern in a speech last night.

Labour will have 64 seats in the new ‘red’ Parliament — three more than the 61 needed to form a single-lone-government.

National Party leader Judith Collins, winning at 26.8% of the vote, promised to be a ‘robust opposition’ and is looking forward to holding the government to account on behalf of all New Zealanders for any failed promises that may arise.

National will have 35 seats while the Green Party has ten, ACT ten and the Māori Party is expected to return to parliament with one seat.

The 2017 election had a reversal of poll results, with Labour at 36.9% and National leading at 44.4% of the vote. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters become the kingmaker after joining forces with Labour which ultimately won the polls.

But, without a doubt — New Zealanders had to wait a long month before Peters announced he would form a coalition with the Labour Party, eventually becoming deputy prime minister. The Green Party joined the coalition in a determination and supply order.

During this years election, New Zealand First was dismissed from parliament because the party failed to reach the 5% threshold; on the topic of candidate votes, none could manage to win an electorate seat either.

The election this year compared to previous elections broke record numbers of early voters a day before the election. 2 million people cast their votes already.

The next three years will be a ‘red’ destroyer in seats, knowing that parliament is full of the colour compared to others that just managed to scrape their way in. 

It is unknown whether Labour will be governing alone, as they have a choice regardless, or joining up with another party to form a coalition.

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