Emergency Crews work to extinguish Tractor on Fire near Waitakaruru

Emergency Crews work to extinguish Tractor on Fire near Waitakaruru

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Emergency crews responded to reports of a tractor on fire near the Waitakaruru Hauraki District on Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred at around 3.05pm across from State Highway 25.

It is understood that injuries were not immediately known during the early stages.


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Source: CC/ Denise Mclaughlan

Eyewitness Denise Mclaughlan, who took the photos, explained to thisquality what she saw and experienced from a distance. She also advised people about risks and hazards involved.

“I saw black smoke pouring from the tractor and flames,” she said.

“Please everyone check your farm vehicles for birds nests and wiring for chewing of rats as it has happened to people before. Checking saves lives.”

Image: SUPPLIED/Denise Mclaughlan

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