Ending 2020 with REAL Independent owned News and Stories

Ending 2020 with REAL Independent owned News and Stories

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Learn our story about how we are independent and what is needed to keep thisquality operating. You might be able to donate to us so we can inform and share what matters faster.

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thisquality ended the year with the most outstanding performance focusing solely on real news and quality stories.

An exclusive SPECIAL montage was made dedicated to our most prominent stories that obtained a change in 2020, from documenting local Government, localism, crime, EMS, investigations to typing hundreds of thousands of words in just a short period of eight months.

We look forward to the coming year of 2021.


Our company will follow suit, making more ORIGINALS exclusive content while focusing on our environment around us protecting it from dirty politics, finally improving local Government operations with the power of content and accountability.


‘thisquality’ (this-quality) is a New Zealand news organisation that focuses on promoting localism, local voices, and local communities to unite as one against neoliberalism.

Real news:
News has consistently become more objected to privatization, paid sponsorships and sought certain played out agendas within politics against its citizens.

We have set the main focus on distributing news that is of value to local communities.

Our company works within networks of police, government, health authorities, small businesses, and local citizens to accumulate a story from all perspectives.

Quality stories:
With great quality, it brings a better story for the biggest problems in the world’s environment.

Featuring exclusive thisquality ORIGINALS series’s mini-documentaries, we are in a position to tell the story on how individual prospects play out.

We report, document, and investigate for long periods to make changes within politics and government departments.

thisquality works to benefit from our society and simplify it as one.

Have time to spare? If you liked this publication, please learn our story to support thisquality. Fund trustworthy news coming from official Government newswires and local voices inside communities.

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